Photogrammetry is the process of creating a measurable 3D model of an object or area. The models require a series of photographs taken from many angles, which specialist software like Metashape can stitch into 3D models.

I am formally trained in Photogrammetry, having attended the Photogrammetry Training Workshop for Graduate Students and Field Researchers at the 2018 Mesoamerican Meetings of the Mesoamerican Center at the University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX, January 11 2018). I have also served as Director of Photogrammetry and Visualization at the Signum Vortumni: I Tarquini a Roma project at the Horrea Agrippiana.

Zapotec Incense Burner by Giuseppe Castellano on Sketchfab

This is a Photogrammetric model of a Zapotec incense burner. It is rotatable and measurable. I made this model using a digital single-lens reflex camera and Agisoft Photoscan Pro (now Metashape).